Who Am I?

Growing up I split my time between Homedale, ID  and Cheney, WA.  I was lucky in that my up bringing was multi-generational  and I spent every summer on a large farm with my grandparents.  The farm was located in Southern Idaho and I enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor activities.  My grandparents were very old school and they did not want us to waste time on television.  This belief helped us become creative and adventurous individuals.  Whenever questions arose about history, geography, art, or literature my grandmother would not provided answers, but instead directed the grandchildren to the bookshelf and her collection of Encyclopedia Britannica.  We were encouraged to look up the answers for ourselves, which often times inspired further investigation.  I believe this is where my interest in history began.  Even though the books were decades out of date, I loved to pull them off the shelf and flip through all the topics.

After high school I ventured out into the world (Walla Wall, WA) for college and returned to Cheney to complete my BAE in Social Science education.  After college I spent time working in K-12 education, retail, and self-employment but the past ten years I have been working within higher education.  Working at WSU and EWU has been an interesting and challenging experience, but is has also given me the opportunity to further my education.  I completed an M.Ed. at EWU in 2017 and after a long long break decided pursue my MA in History after having stopped out of the program years ago.  

My hobbies include long walks, a life-long love of science fiction, and the endless enjoyment my pets provide.  I’m looking forward to this class and getting to know my fellow students.

My good friend Sookie the labradoodle.